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Old School Valentines

Valentine's Day Campaign


It was Valentine's Day. And the world was seriously hurting. So, we made t-shirts, yes, of course. But, we tried to bring some love and share some love with all sorts of different tactics—including actual paper Valentines. We made the day (and week) more about having fun, getting tactile and setting up conversations to be had between friends and lovers and everyone in between. It was even refreshing for us.

V-DAY CARDS 13.jpg

Remember these things?

Getting your Mom to run back out to the grocery store to get you cooler ones because little Becky really needs to feel the love tomorrow in the 4th grade Valentines exchange? Or, maybe you just remember these. True to HOMAGE form, tugging on heart strings through nostalgia, we designed and printed thousands of our own Valentines and dropped them in every order. Plus, gave them out in store with orders the week leading up to February 14th so you could use them and pass them out to crushes. Plus, a bounce back coupon on the back kinda helps us out, too.

Bouquet of t-shirts.PNG

Bouquet of T-shirts


Flowers are whatever. T-shirts are forever. In one of our most popular contests ever, we rolled up 12 red t-shirts and wrapped them up to look like flowers. Then told people to tag their Valentine for a chance to win.

People freaked out. We probably have to do again every year. 


Snapchat Filter

Kiss Cam. In a Snapchat Filter. Seemed apropos. 

We set it up around all 7 of our stores for another little surprise and digital delight. 




02.02.17 VALENTINES DAY TEE@2x 2.jpg