Anthony Trimpe
Ideas that move and copy that sells.
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Elder Law Attorney's Campaigns

Good ol' fashioned print ads

When it comes to Elder Law, there are lots of family dynamics and touchy situations in play. You don't just go to any lawyer for this type of succession and estate planning. Greg and Tim truly are laser-sharp pros with laid-back attitudes that make their clients comfortable—and the entire family at peace. I wanted their unique and welcoming vibe to be reflected in the ads and at least pique the curiosity of the 55-75 demographic.

(Emphasizing their small-town roots and mentality)

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(Explaining how they don't stiff you on billing)

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(Alleviating any intimidation that comes with lawyers)

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(Differentiating through a singular focus)

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(Educating families on the unknown and uninvited beneficiary)

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(Shedding some light on wills)

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(Creating perspective through clever use of ad space)

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